IDENTITY.Starting 23 march.. showcasing 15-16 of June @EastonArtsTrail


This journey started in Berlin really, a visit to the Neuse museum, got me thinking about identity, join me, my digital book of journey, inspired by Nefertitti, wondering who is she, got me thinking who am I? Both identities taken, I would say, common ground.

I’m heading to africa, well try to anyway, by bus and train capturing as much as I can on the way. Picturous peoms, how the story will be told, I’m yet to know, I’ll take everyday as it goes.


My names Channelle Rowena Antoinette Bartley, born the summer of 1981, star sign CRAB.

Grown on a place called Heathside, neighboured by Leathbridge, both a multicultural council estate in Lewisham borough.

A colourful life . Sometimes I wonder, would I be a different me if I had had a different life? But then I come to the conclusion that I am who I am, my spirit is my spirit, slightly or massivly damaged who cares, adds to my organicity and funk.

At sixteen I came to Bristol, from colorful to colorful, a different type of colorful in some parts, the types that are alien to me, but colorful all the same. Coming from a huge multicultural community in south east London to a much smaller multicultural Bristol. As an outsider when I looked in, my brain gave the people chains through my eyes, the weight of the slave docks past lies heavy on the people, nothings resolved the community is lost.

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