Seeking light from a dismal place

Through my mini travel experience, I related/ compared people and there situations to my reality and the reality of the people I have seen or known. regardless the differences, for many suppression is generic, with the levels varying based on postcodes and prejudices.

My identity project has taken a natural interest in colonisation, being it holds a great weight of blame when it comes to my complexion, my fake location and my forced history, the one after we where Queen’s, the one they teach in school about coming in a ship looking like a tin of sardines.

I think of the economy thriving busy full of money, shopping, theatre, finance, property’s, located next to run down, cramped social housing, with the salvation army, halfway house, and nursery.

I think of how we imprison our selves without even realising, programmed and fully filling the box, its crazy the things we do when we haven’t a lot, to impress show face for many life’s basis. Spending money on highly priced rubbish to feel nearer to the light…. Its not right. We need to fight (not physically), mentally, emotionally to be our best individual me. Educate, run businesses, own property, have a real solid position in society, less excepting, more speaking and a new stronger sense of solidarity.

Project- BOOK.

Book title – Identity.

Media of the final visual outcome is uncertain,  as i want to keep myself open to new ideas whilst researching ‘book’.

The skeleton of the content of the book has been established. I am doing pictures and poems about identity,  Whilst travelling to the motherland.

This journey started in Berlin really, a visit to the Neuse museum, got me thinking about identity, join me, my digital book of journey, inspired by Nefertiti, wondering who is she, got me thinking who am I? Both identities taken, I would say, we got common ground in a way.

I’m heading to Africa, well try to anyway, by bus and train capturing as much as i can on the way. Picurous poems, how the story will be told, im yet to know, i’ll take everyday as it goes.


My name is Channelle Rowena Antionnette Bartley, born the summer of 1981, star sign CRAB.

Grown on top of the black plague burial ground, a place once known as heathside, neighboured by Leathbridge, both  multicultural council estates in Lewisham borough.

A colourful life. Sometimes I wonder, would I be a different me if I had had a different life?

But then I come to the conclusion that I am,my spirit is my spirit, slightly or massively damaged who cares, adds to my organic-ish funk.

At sixteen I came to Bristol, from colourful to colourful, a different type of colourful in  some parts, the types of difference that were alien to me, but colourful all the same.Coming from a huge multicultural community in south east London to a much smaller multicultural Bristol. As an outsider when I looked in, my brain placed  imaginary chains on the ethnic community, the weight of the slave docks past lies heavy on the people, nothing resolved. My first job in Bristol was at a taxi office. My college he had jokes, his one for me, was him taking out too black circles and telling me in his strong Bristolian language of its own, that he had found parts of my family members, I laughed, but I didn’t find it funny.

Update –  theme still stands as Identity.

An interactive installation, telling a  story about my identity, infusing my britishness with my jamaican culture. There will be a size painting infused with found objects from my journeys,based on identity.  A jamaican shack made with found wood, on top will sit the installation ‘ light from a dismal place’, which consists of a collection of bottles broken mirrors and solar / battery powered lighting resting on the right side of shack in the shape of drink pouring from a bottle, using strong metal skeleton. Gaming area- beside jamaican shack, ludo boards made from found woods and domino tables made from scrap metal and wood all materials founded and reused. Across the rd will be raiders 32 giving you the sweetest sounds of british jamaican music alongside, chicken brothers with circomedia, carnyville  and boomtown performers flame throwing and dancing around the edges. I am a jamaican british, i want anyone attending to feel that. Taste that, smell that, here that. Soul food will be provided vegan jerk, and fish dishes home cooked made from whole, seeking all veg straight from the ground,(friends allotment ).

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